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2020 Project Highlights

We are proud to have made significant progress on construction improvements that will bring many benefits to the community. The Lake Cook Road Reconstruction Project will provide:

LCR Benefits Graphic - 2020.png

2020 Project Progress Highlights 

Watch this short video highlighting the progress and improvements made on the Buffalo Grove Bridge, the Lake Cook Road and Lexington Drive intersection, and the Lake Cook Road and IL-83 intersection in 2020. ​

Work Completed in 2020

  • The northbound lanes were reconstructed for Buffalo Grove Road and IL-83

  • Water mains were installed for the Village of Buffalo Grove and Village of Wheeling along Lake Cook Road, Weiland Road, and Buffalo Grove Road

  • New drainage systems were installed along Lake Cook Road, Buffalo Grove Road, IL-83, and Weiland Road

  • New pavement was placed along Lake Cook Road for the eastbound lanes from Raupp Boulevard to the Target/Walmart intersection

  • New pavement was placed along Lake Cook Road for the westbound lanes from Hastings Lane to the Target/Walmart intersection

  • The east side of Buffalo Grove Road Bridge over Buffalo Creek was widened to accommodate the new intersection configuration

Winter Work - December 2020 – March 2021 (weather permitting)

  • Continue to work on Retaining Wall A, B, E, and F along Lake Cook Road and the Weiland Road extension

  • Finish the sidewalk work and parapet wall along the east side of Buffalo Grove Road Bridge

  • Finish the installation of the instream structures and realignment Buffalo Creek to prepare for the construction of the Weiland Road bridge

  • Continue the installation of street lights and traffic signal foundations

  • Start the foundations for noise abatement Wall A & B along the north and south side of Lake Cook Road by the Lexington Drive intersection

Work beginning in March 2021 (weather permitting)

  • Complete Retaining Wall C along IL-83

  • Complete the Weiland Road Bridge over Buffalo Creek and open up the Weiland Road extension from Buffalo Grove Road to IL-83

  • Complete the widening of the west half of Buffalo Grove Road bridge

  • Complete the pavement for the Weiland Road extension and complete the reconstruction of the northbound and southbound pavement on Weiland Road from IL-83 to Woodstone Drive

  • Reconstruct the southbound lanes of Buffalo Grove Road and IL-83

  • Reconstruct the remaining segments of eastbound and westbound Lake Cook Road that were not completed in 2020

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